Marshall Keith a Libertarian who is fighting the abuse of power  by modern day progressives of both parties. Marshall is a lifelong Broadcast Engineer.


Most active in fighting the smoking ban.

Marbee writes

Dedicated to fighting the tyranny and corruption of pharmaceutical company’s “nonprofit” sector in the name of “public health”.  Namely, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the tax-exempt arm of Johnson & Johnson.  This anything BUT nonprofit pours billions of dollars into a grand marketing scheme for unnatural chemical replacements for tobacco, food, and alcohol by using our own elected officials against We The People.   This has resulted in the destruction of once Constitutionally protected private property rights and the demonization of people who choose to use a legal product, and legal discrimination in the work place and even in their own home.   Tyranny begins when our government allows mob rule, the majority voting against the minority.   The corruption is rampant and there is no end in sight, no elected official has shown they will step up and fight Goliath!

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