State Stands by Our Kids, Makes RYO Shops Follow the Law

Do you pay taxes? Roll-Your Own (RYO) tobacco companies don’t.

Really? Please, the cigarettes are rolled by the customer not the store! all appropriate taxes are PAID!

By allowing RYO shops to not pay taxes, we give children the idea that sometimes smoking can be okay.

Really again please, these are shops that cater to adults, I do not see scores of children standing in line to enter them. But the real facts are more disturbing. Ask a school aged kid whether it is easier to get a pack of smokes or a bag of weed. You may be shocked by the answer, yet as states impose draconian punitive taxes on the product those same people that sell children weed are getting into, the tobacco business.

WASHINGTON — A recent wave of state tobacco tax increases, designed to pump revenue into cash-strapped local governments, is inspiring an increasingly dangerous cigarette smuggling industry where big profits lure violent criminal gangs and drug traffickers into the booming illegal market, according to law enforcement officials and court records.

And of course there is evidence that it is funding the terrorist that want to kill us and our children.

A new report from the Republican staff of the House Homeland Security Committee says federal and state governments, especially New York’s, must do more to combat cigarette smuggling because its profits fund terrorist entities abroad.

“Recent law enforcement investigations … have directly linked those involved in illicit tobacco trade to infamous terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, Hamas, and al Qaeda,” states the report.

But then they go on to make the claim that it costs the Wisconsin taxpayers money.

When we allow the promotion of unhealthy habits we, in turn, get an unhealthy generation that we have to foot the bill for. In fact, we already pay the price—each year Wisconsin pays $2.8 billion dollars on tobacco health care costs. Half a billion dollars from that cost comes directly from the pockets of Wisconsin taxpayers in the form of Medicaid.

Again Really, do you people remember that the smokers already pay for this through the Master Settlement agreement?

The Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) was entered in November 1998, originally between the four largest US tobacco companies and the attorneys general of 46 states. The states settled their Medicaid lawsuits against the tobacco industry for recovery of their tobacco-related, health-care costs,

And of course you completely ignore the fact that smokers cost less than the non-smokers.

LONDON — Preventing obesity and smoking can save lives, but it does not save money, according to a new report.

It costs more to care for healthy people who live years longer, according to a Dutch study that counters the common perception that preventing obesity would save governments millions of dollars.

My favorite part is where they keep demanding government funding to push their Neo-prohibitionist policies.

Unfortunately, our state keeps cutting funding to the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program, hurting our potential progress in lowering the burden of tobacco on our state

But hey it’s for the children.

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Come on Smoke Free, do you have anything that remotely resembles integrity?