I have been a fan of Vicki’s for some time. As a Libertarian I don’t always agree with her, but I would say that we agree more then 90% of the time. Today she took to task the Republicans not living up to the principles of limited government, free enterprise and liberty when it comes to the treatment of the RYO shops. the relevant part of the show is here.

I post it here because on the stations site they only show one day and it will disappear tomorrow.  For anyone living in the Milwaukee area you can catch Vicki on WISN AM 1130 For those living in Madison she can be heard on WIBA AM1310 Both stations show podcasts but unfortunately the one in Madison appears to be broken.

These small businesses have or will go under because of the punitive action taken by the State unless we act. Contact your legislators and demand action, if you do not know who they are you can find out here.

Contact them immediately before it is too late.