A business plan.

Having reread “Atlas Shrugged” it gave me some ideas for a business and am looking for other Libertarians to join me in this business. Since Wisconsin, Madison in particular is known for Progressivism/socialism and since it is the birthplace of John Galt’s motor it is appropriate that this movement start here.

The Libertarian

In the spirit of John Galt no Monopoly money printed by the Federal Reserve will be accepted. All purchases must be made in gold and silver which can be purchased at the attached Smoke Shop based on the current meltdown value of the coins. So a drink would cost $0.!! in silver. The business will be clearly marked at the entrance “Private Property,Smoking Allowed!” below will be a sign “Law enforcement must have search warrant”

In the spirit of John Galt no fines will be paid. I will sit in Jail (at a cost to the looters) While I fight the Constitutionality of “taking of private property for public use” If I lose I will sue the collectivist for “Equal Protection” as guaranteed by the 14th amendment. That everything that is of equal or greater risk as that of second hand smoke be banned from “public accommodation” which would include all public cooking.

Midas Mulligan Bank/Smoke Shop

In the spirit of Midas Mulligan the Monopoly money printed by the Federal Reserve will be exchanged for real money of gold and silver for a 10% processing fee.

The Smoke Shop will have two rolling machines The tubes will have the gold Midas $ sign on them. You can roll your own cigarettes at a cost of $1.00 in silver per 200.

Anyone want to be my partner?