In my fight against the draconian smoking ban I checked out MoGASP.  Now Martin Pion is a decent, but misguided man.  He is one of two pro-ban activist that I know of that allows dissenting opinions, Dr Michael Siegel’s being the first.

Acknowleging the integrity of Martin I still have to laugh at the hypocrisy and and conflicting statements in some of the posts. This is not intentional as I find Martin to be an honorable man. It is blind faith in the cause and faith in progressive ideals. The first statement is in fact the call for a “level playing field”

The speakers said the seven-month-old smoking ban did not provide a level playing field for businesses.
Ken Breier is an owner of Schottzie’s Bar and Grill in South County, which does not have an exemption.

What makes this statement a myth is the fact that the free market is the ultimate “level Playing field”, it was the smoking ban that created the unlevel playing field which brings us to the total hypocracy and dishonesty of the tobacco control movement. You see they frequently boast and claim the popularity of these smoking bans using carefully crafted polls.

I hear almost weekly from county residents that are thrilled with the new environment, and employees I talk with are also thrilled. A recent survey done for the American Cancer Society showed that voters really like this ordinance and want it strengthened.

I find it ironic that these activist don’t see the conflict in these statements, you see the “free market” is also the ultimate polling place, people will frequent businesses that cater to the wishes of their clientele. But is it the bars with exemptions that are calling for a level playing field, crying make them allow smoking? Of course not, based on these facts any intelligent person would question the integrity of these polls.

But this “level playing field” or “fairness” is a common cry of the progressives in order to rectify problems of their own design. Progressive states impose excessive draconian taxes which cause their constituents to seek relief through interstate sales. How do the progressives react to this? After all they handicapped local businesses with the draconian taxes, well instead of lowering the taxes they call for “fairness” or a “level playing field” They call it the “Main Street Fairness Act”

Tobacco control in Wisconsin is using similar tactics when it comes to tobacco taxation. They use carefully crafted polls to deceive the public. The exact wording of the poll was Closing the tax loophole so candy and fruit flavored tobacco products are taxed at the same rate as cigarettes. This of course is after planting in the minds of the interviewee that this was an act to protect children. The fact is, it is not children that smoke these, it is the elderly on fixed incomes. Any one that has tried these find them disgusting and would not appeal to children. Then they call for public funding of their lobbying efforts.

close tax loopholes that allow some tobacco products to be
taxed less than others and continue funding the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program

Is it proper for tax dollars to be spent on any lobbying efforts?