Listen carefully as he artfully dodges the question. He does not answer the property rights issue or the role of the “Nanny State” Government.

He uses Doublespeak with the efficiency of the most ardent progressive.He claims “It works” but according to who? The anti-smokers and their Big Pharma allies who use questionable methodologies like Meta-analysis? Or the 20 to 25% of Americans who are discriminated against by government mandate, because of lifestyle choices? Or the business that are forced to eject long time customers because of this discriminatory mandate? Or is it the businesses complying and complaining that they have lost business to those not complying.

And what is the proof that it works. Is it the scores of anti-smoking studies that claim to be economic studies and measure everything except that which shows economic impact and that is revenue.

So no more doublespeak Mr Walker, Is it the role of government to dictate who a business chooses to cater too?