I have repeatedly brought up the abusive taxes invoked on the smokers. The 2400% abusive increase to pay for SCHIP. Like any abused group we looked for a way to end this abuse. Many found it by rolling their own and using pipe tobacco. This has turned into a new industry in Wisconsin as shops are popping up all over to cater to smokers cutting the abusive taxes massively. Of course the lobbyist that pushed for these draconian taxes are crying fowl and are now calling for an increase on all tobacco products. From Smoke Free Wisconsin’s blog:

A recent poll found strong, bi-partisan, statewide support for proposals to move all tobacco products behind the counter, close tax loopholes that allow some tobacco products to be taxed less than others and continue funding the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program

Of course they only polled 500 people so I would hardly call that strong and of course the questions were very leading questions implying that this so called tax evasion is to target kids. Not once do they mention that it is adults that are flocking to these shops to evade the abusive tax that these smoke free groups forced on us. Here is the survey. All the while they demand more government funding to continue to lobby against smokers and continue the abuse. This is the equivalent to taxing blacks to fund the KKK or taxing Jews to fund the Nazi party. Should any tax dollars be used for any lobbying effort period. Here is a recent example of tax dollars being used to promote the discrimination against smokers.

This ad was bought and paid for using taxpayer funding.

The ad — paid for by a Centers for Disease Control grant — never specifically mentions legislation, but it clearly aims to raise support for an all-encompassing indoor smoking ban in Las Vegas, where smoking is outlawed in many places but is permitted in casinos, bars and, thanks to the 2011 Legislature, some restaurants.

Michigan is beginning to see the light by lowering the cigarette tax by $!.00, this will have more of an impact on teen smoking then higher taxes ever will. Why you ask? Because it reduces smuggling and would force teens to go to legal vendors who would card them as opposed to criminal street vendors.

The study finds that in 2006 almost 35 percent of all the cigarettes consumed in Michigan (legal and illegal) were smuggled into the state, and smuggling is not the only unintended consequence of high state cigarette excise taxes. It has also contributed to crime ranging from vandalism to violence to terrorism.

So go ahead with your bogus polls Smoke Free, some of us have your number and the word is spreading.