Yes, I Am a Smoker

The anti-smokers are on a self-righteous crusade and therefore appear to harbor the belief that there can only be “good” or “positive” outputs that result from the extreme measures that are currently taken against the culture of smoking and smokers via years of tax payer funded anti-smoker campaigns . With the full force of the law, anti-smoking lobbyists and politicians have create a new and novel form of “legal” discrimination against an American minority that just so happens to be significantly large in proportion. How can I make such an accusation? I mean, smokers aren’t being discriminated against, right? The anti-smoker crusade is only for our own good, right?

The other day I finally received a call for a job interview at a local restaurant (after passing out more than a couple hundred resumes-yes, resumes to work in a bar/restaurant) here in Los Angeles. One of the very first questions asked of me was whether or not I’m a smoker. Of course, being an honest person, I told them yes, I am a smoker of about 5 cigarettes a day (usually at the end of the day).