Gun Owners Twice as Likely to Binge Drink as Those Without Firearms

By Join Together Staff | June 16, 2011 | 5 Comments | Filed in Alcohol

People who own guns are twice as likely to binge drink and to drink and drive, compared with those who don’t own firearms, a new study finds.

Researchers at the University of California, Davis found that heavy alcohol use was most common among firearm owners who also engaged in behaviors such as carrying a firearm for protection against other people, and keeping a firearm at home that was both loaded and not locked away. The study included the results of a telephone survey of more than 15,000 people in eight states.

But don’t be afraid of those beer guzzling, gun toting “Tea Party Activist”. But be afraid of activist in scientific clothing using science by political agenda and passing it off as sound science. We have seen this continually throughout the Progressive era where wish to control the people and use what they call “legitimate science” as justification. The most egregious of this was obviously the so called “science of eugenics”

Eugenics, the attempt to improve the human species socially through better breeding was a widespread and popular movement in the United States and Europe between 1910 and 1940. Eugenics was an attempt to use science (the newly discovered Mendelian laws of heredity) to solve social problems (crime, alcoholism, prostitution, rebelliousness), using trained experts. Eugenics gained much support from progressive reform thinkers, who sought to plan social development using expert knowledge in both the social and natural sciences. In eugenics,

These Progressives as they like to call themselves want to control all aspects of your life and back in the eugenics days that included whether or not you could mate, who you could mate and there ware even forced sterilization to prevent reproduction. All of course for “greater good” Hitler was a huge proponent of eugenics and exterminated millions using science as a justification.

Like Progressives of old, the modern day progressives want to control all aspects of your life, and like Progressives of old they are manufacturing science to do this. The smoking ban is but one example of this. The low statistical numbers associated with second hand smoke have never been considered proof of anything and they had to cheat and use the questionable methodology of Meta-analysis to get those numbers. Like Progressives of old they want to even control your behavior and will use studies like this to demoralize and demonize the opposition. Make no mistake, a modern day prohibition is here and the agenda is clear, that is control. So yes be afraid, be very afraid!