Not on intentionally of course.

In order to get the bans passed anti-smoking groups repeatedly claimed the popularity of smoking bans and how there is no economic harm done by them. They used dubious polls done by the Mellman Group who admit on their own website to manipulate the polls to favor those who pay them.

Master The Techniques.

Some pollsters simply report on opinions. We use the most sophisticated analytical tools available to understand the motivations of consumers and voters so we can intervene in their decision-making processes to produce the outcomes our clients want.

An article in fdlreporter reports that 25% of the bars are not complying with the ban and it is causing a rivalry amongst the bars. So which bars are the patrons frequenting? Well according to Sheriff Todd Nehls it’s not the non-smoking bars.


Nehls estimates that about 75 percent of tavern owners in Dodge County abide by the terms of the smoking ban. However, the remaining 25 percent that knowingly choose to ignore the law are drawing the resentment — and business — of those that follow the law.

“We now have this rivalry of bar owners turning in other bar owners. That’s what the fight is about now. You’re either a business that complies with the law and has no business as a result or you’re breaking the law to get more business,” Nehls said. “And we’re going to bring that to an end.”

So where are all those anti-smoking advocates who promised to fill businesses once the ban is implemented?

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