Anyone with common sense knows that the PACT act which was thinly veiled as an attempt to stop cigarette sales to minors, was actually a protectionist move by states with high taxes to gouge their constituents with draconian taxes. It was a dismal failure as it increased smuggling and there are many tribes that do not have to adhere to the law and smuggling of imports of dubious quality from China. Now these progressive types have moved on to the next stage to protect the draconian taxes they impose. Progressive Dick Durbin now wants to introduce these draconian measures to all internet sales like many of us feared all under the thinnly veiled attempt at “Fairness”.

Durbin’s bill, dubbed the Main Street Fairness Act, is being portrayed as an end to the tax holiday that online shoppers on major internet vendors have enjoyed for years.

Online companies already pay state taxes in the states in which they reside, but many politicians — including those in New York, Illinois and Connecticut — recently pushed to collect taxes from customers on purchases made outside the state if the sites have vendors that physically reside within their states.

Durbin’s proposal intends to push internet vendors to collect state taxes on items purchased out of state.

Anyone with an IQ higher then one knows that the so called tax savings from internet sales are usually offset by shipping and handling charges. But more to the point is that competition between the states helps keep taxes lower for all of us. If a state charges too high of a tax they will lose business to other states, competition keeps prices and taxes down. It is time for these politicians to simply admit that their taxes are bad for business and lower or repeal them. Don’t pass protectionist laws that punish the consumer. After all isn’t that who you so called progressives are looking out for. Or are you finally going to admit that it is all about power,control and money!