The cowardice of the anti-smokers is amazing.  I will try to cut and past from another location but everyone can see for themselves. A blog by the name of Lazy Lightning had a story about a bar here in Wisconsin deliberately violating the ban.  The owner of the site likes changing the rules.

Here was his original rule.

Marshave approved your comment and it is now viewable on the site. As
long as your future comments, if any, use the same username and e-mail
address they’ll be automatically approved by the system.

Please note that because you used your own blog’s URL in the header of
your comment I removed the link you again provided to your site in the
comment’s body. One link to your personal blog is more than enough per
comment. Thanks for understanding and I hope not to have to remind you


I never again linked to my blog I did however link to Dr Michel Siegel’s blog and got this warning.


This is your final warning about linking to blogs as your source material. Use direct links to peer-reviewed science journals only or your comments will cease to appear here.

After which I never linked to another blog. But received this email from Mr Bill.


You have now been banned for ignoring my warnings about linking to
blogs. Please do not attempt to contact me again or evade the ban as
it will be unpleasant for both of us.

Thanks and good luck,

Funny thing is I still get email updates from his blog and it appears that the coward bounced me because I may be facebook friends with someone he bounced from his site. Coward!!!!


While Marshall (who is no longer with us) wasn’t the same as Harley, they are Facebook friends and I was told by him that he was in broadcasting and used to live in Minnesota and he’s now going to tell everyone what a biased site I have.

As you can see I’m very concerned.

I am presently blocked from his site but will access from another location and copy and update here.

Actual emails forwarded on request.

Upon further investigation this man is a pretend food critic.  Tomorrow I will contact friends in the Twin Cities . . . . Stay Tuned!

Added January 26  @ 3:37 PM

He sicked his photographer on me

It was brought to my attention that one of my photos is used on a without proper licensing. The photo is located here:

My copy of the photo is here:

The license attributed to this photo is a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic:

This means, for non-commercial use it can be used only if it is republished under a similar license. is a violating that license.