Anyone who has read my blog regularly knows that I am active in fighting the smoking ban.  I have talked to many people and most of the non-smokers don’t care one way or another because it does not affect them.  It is that apathy that has allowed the nanny state to grow.

Do we the people want to enjoy freedom of choice?

Do we the people want to continue to have property rights?

And in Business to have the right to cater to the clientele of our choice?

Or are we going to let groups of powerful lobbyist create a Nanny State where all decisions are made for you by bureaucrats?

First let’s show just how gullable people are!

Smoke Damage

Nanny State Nation


Salt and nude snow woman

Nanny State 2008

Fish Pedicures

Happy Meals

Growing Vegetables

Ladies Night

The American Flag

Live Music

Churches Feeding the Homeless

Sugary Drinks

etc etc etc