In my blog yesterday I used a Martin Luther King Jr quote and one of the statist/collectivist  from Michigan took offense.

One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.~Martin Luther King, Jr

EnjoyingTheMichiganBan Farmington, MIsaid:

So you are equating the essay MLK wrote on the civil rights violations in Birmingham and in the south as being the same as you not being able to spew toxin into the air inside a enclosed area where innocent workers are!

Ignoring the fact that it is OSHA that regulates the health and safety and they found the science severely lacking. I approached this on purely Constitutional grounds.

My response

ABSOLUTELY! He did not call for “civil rights” That is a progressive/socialist term. He called for the equal protection that was supposedly guaranteed to him by the 14th amendment. At no point did he demand to be given “protected class” status and granted more rights then everyone else. Bans deny that same equal protection for property owners. The fifth amendment says nor shall private property be taken for public use without due compensation. The 14th guarantees equal protection. The Supreme court has already ruled that a business does not lose either one of these rights because they invite the public in.

From the Supreme Court!

Held: There has been no dedication of petitioner’s privately owned and operated shopping center to public use …(OUCH there is that public use)..and petitioner’s property did not lose its private character and its right to protection under the Fourteenth Amendment merely because the public is generally invited to use it for the purpose of doing business with petitioner’s tenants.(double OUCH there is that pesky 14th amendment)…

We the Tea Party Patriots and Libertarians demand that the Constitution be restored. Our wishes are coming true. For the first time in history congress actually read the entire constitution aloud. Times they are a changing, you can either join us or get the hell out of the way, but we will restore America and the Constitution and put an end to Statism and collectivism!