The government does not have the right to invade private property rights and force its will on the private businesses of our great state.  The smoking ban is not about people’s health.  It’s about who decides what you can and can not do on your own private property!

If you do not fight for your rights TODAY then the government will not stop here.  The nanny state will continue to expand and invade all of your private property including your home and your car.

Not only is this an extreme violation of your private property rights it is extremely damaging to the economy because it drives some people to stay home instead of go out.  The people who wanted the ban have not increased their traffic to these bars to make up for lost business.  As a result many bars around the state are going out of business.

You’ve heard the argument; the bar owners’ property rights and smokers’ personal liberty are small sacrifices for the greater good of society.


Liberty lost is never good for society; in the words of John Stuart Mill: “the danger which threatens human nature is not excess but deficiency of personal impulses and preferences.”

A truly free society allows diversity of choice, diversity of lifestyle and opinion.  The greater threat to health, to liberty and happiness is a government that knows no bounds.   There can be no denying that the smoking ban is a step in the direction of tyranny.   Not only that, but the ban diverts law enforcement resources away from serious crimes, like rape, robbery and murder.

This isn’t about smoking.  This is about liberty and individual sovereignty and the tyranny of the majority.  Together we must stand up for our liberty today, sign the petition below!