According to Fox WSJM radio a protest is scheduled to ring in the new year, I Urge all freedom loving Americans to Join our neighbors in their effort by staging their own.
Joe Garber Reporting

There is a continued effort to remove the statewide smoking ban. The group Protect Private Property Rights in Michigan Movement is asking bars to post a sign New Years Eve which says PRIVATE PROPERTY. Once minors leave, people in the bars can smoke or use other tobacco. Spokesman Steve Mace says he’s not sure if the protest will face legal trouble because he says the law is not clear:

“If its not your business, then its not your business”.


“A smokers right to smoke does end at your nose — but your right to complain ends at the front door of the private property you just walked onto”.


“A bar is not a library. A tavern is not a park. A pub is not a sidewalk. This is not a public place!”
You’re very welcome to come in — but we make the rules.