Before the SCHIP bill passed I contacted both Russ Feingold,Herb Kohl and Steve Kagen complaining about the plane to fund it with a cigarette tax.  All I got back from them was a form letter claiming how good the law was.  I sent them a letter stating that if it were such a good law then the majority of the people would not mind paying for it instead of raising the cigarette tobacco tax 2400%. Knowing that the state of Wisconsin was abusively taxing its smokers they also passed a law that preventing smokers from ordering cigarettes across state lines.  They claimed that it was to keep cigarettes out of minors hands but they had no proof that minors were obtaining cigarettes in this manner.  The fact is that they wanted to enable the state to continue to abuse citizens who partake in activity that they don’t approve of.   Increasingly they are setting up the Nanny state through food police, tobacco police etc etc etc.

They continually play the class warfare game with the rallying cry tax those evil corporations, tax those evil rich people.  Knowing they failed logic and lack the ability to comprehend the Constitution for which they swore to uphold.  For one thing most of us are not members of the “elite” that are guaranteed a government pension and therefore required to  invest in 401Ks to retire.  Therefore We are taxed twice on our retirement.  Once by the corporate tax and then again by the income tax when we take it out.  Also failing logic they blame corporate greed for the jobs going overseas.  The fact is corporations do not pay taxes,   to them it is a cost of doing business that will be included in the cost of their product.  If the tax rates overseas is more favorable they will simply move their entire operation overseas. The fact is that we have the second highest corporate tax in the world.(Soon to be number 1) It is our tax laws and the class warfare and regulations set up by the collectivist, progressives that is sending jobs overseas, not the greed of the corporations.

The fact is they are not looking out for the average American, they are simply interested in the accumulation of power.  The health care bill did nothing to reduce costs, as a matter of fact it is clear that costs are going up as a result of the bill and more and more businesses are opting out, willing to pay the fine forcing more people on government controlled plans, which was their intent anyway.  Setting up yet another government database to keep track of people.  Giving even more authority to the IRS, an agency that is not voted on by the people or answerable to the people.  It is actually funny that we here nothing from the ACLU on the healthcare bill, either on the database or the push to make it mandatory yet they made the following video when Bush tried to create a national ID which I also opposed.