This ad is to show the hypocrisy of the smoking ban law. Most people that frequent bars know that the vast majority of bar and tavern workers are in fact smokers.

Help wanted

Am opening a bar/restaurant catering only to smokers. This is a nitch market discriminated on by the state of Wisconsin. Non-smokers need not apply.

Here are the Nanny State Progressives that voted for the Smoking ban.


AM Garey Bies
AM Ted Zigmunt
AM Alvin Ott
AM Phil Montgomery
AM Tom Nelson
AM Margaret Krusick
AM Pedro Colon
AM Josh Zepnick
AM Annette Williams
AM Jason Fields
AM Frederick Kessler
AM David Cullen
AM Tony Staskunas
AM Leon Young
AM Barbara Toles
AM Tamara Grigsby
AM Jon Richards
AM Christine Sinicki
AM Sandy Pasch
AM Terry Van Akkeren
AM Kitty Rhoades
AM Jeffrey Mursau
AM Andy Jorgensen
AM Fred Clark
AM Kim Hixson
AM Mike Sheridan
AM Chuck Benedict
AM Gary Hebl
AM Keith Ripp
AM Joseph Parisi
AM Steve Hilgenberg
AM John Townsend
AM Richard Spanbauer
AM Gordon Hintz
AM Dean Kaufert
AM Penny Bernard Schaber
AM Mark Gottlieb
AM Robert Turner
AM Cory Mason
AM Peter Barca
AM John Steinbrink
AM Kristen Dexter
AM Amy Vruwink
AM Louis Molepske Jr.
AM Marlin Schneider
AM Nick Milroy
AM Gary Sherman
AM Mary Hubler
AM Terese Berceau
AM Spencer Black
AM Mark Pocan
AM Sondy Pope-Roberts
AM Kelda Roys
AM Jeffrey Stone
AM Donna Seidel
AM Jerry Petrowski
AM James Soletski
AM Karl Van Roy
AM Jeffrey Smith
AM Michael Huebsch
AM Jennifer Shilling