This appeared in last weeks Pioneer Express.

Dear Editor:

On July 5th Wisconsin became the 28th state in the nation to implement a comprehensive smoke-free law. This is a popular law as a large majority of Wisconsin citizens support it. There are however a few businesses in our area who are not abiding the new law, allowing patrons to continue smoking in their establishments. Some have even posted signs proclaiming their intentions not to comply with the law and invite others to join them.
Smoke free laws are good for health. Workers and the public will be protected from the immediate and serious long term health effects of second hand smoke. Our citizens and visitors, especially those with health problems such as heart disease, asthma, or other breathing problems, should be able to enjoy a meal out, go bowling or visit any number of Wisconsin’s hospitality venues without having to breathe second hand smoke.
We ask all Forest County residents to thank business owners who are supporting the Smoke Free laws, and to report those who continue to allow indoor smoking at their establishments. Take a stand for health that business owners will understand. Patronize business supporting the new law. If you are a smoker. If you are a smoker, do the right thing and go outside to smoke and encourage your peers to do the same.

then they go on to give their anonymous snitch line.

My response.

Dear Editor;
I take offense to the letter to the editor of July 26th by the Forest County Health department. They start of claiming that the majority of Wisconsinites support it. Is that why all of the smoke free organizations clamored for the need for a level playing field. Could it be that the smoke free laws hurt businesses in the towns that it was enacted in?
Then they assert that second hand smoke is a serious health issue. The anti-smoking establishment used a questionable method called Meta-Analysis on cherry picked studies. These methods and the science behind them have already been thrown out in court and been dismissed by the Congressional Research Service. They also claim that there is “no safe level”, which implies the “Linear No Threshold Model (LNT) yet have failed to show one study that shows linearity.
The final insult was when they claim that the businesses that allow smoking are not good citizens, The collectivist anti-smokers think that they have more rights then everyone else including the property owner. Is this the lesson that we want our youth to learn. That the collective rights of a lobby group trump those of the individual or the property owner? Is this the philosophy that our country was founded on. Tobacco is a legal product, and a business is still private property. Both the Federal and State Constitution contain these words. “Nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.” Stand up for the patriotic businesses that fight to maintain the right to use a legal product on their own property and allow their guests to do the same. The question I ask is what forms of government call for neighbor to snitch on your neighbor. For all of the so called science.