This Fourth of July marks the end of property rights guaranteed by the fifth amendment of United States Constitution and by article 1 Section 13 of the State Constitution.

Private property for public use. SECTION 13. The property
of no person shall be taken for public use without just compensation

Fifth amendment . . . nor shall private property taken for public use without just compensation. In the modern progressive/collectivist views, if you invite the public on your property you forfeit those rights. The collective rights of the anti-smokers and the progressive elitist trump the individual rights and property rights guaranteed by the founding fathers. Using the same mentality they can dictate the menu of every restaurant based on the views of the collective. After all the collectivist have the right to health care and your unhealthy eating habits place a burden on the collective. Next they could ban Gay bars based on the assumption that intoxication by gays causes lapses in judgment promoting the spread of AIDS. Oh but don’t feel too safe you heterosexuals, Intoxication also promotes the spread of STD and results in a large amount of unwanted pregnancy’s which are a major burden on the collective.

These collectivist are claiming collective rights that are not in either the federal or state constitution. The founding fathers of the nation and the state of Wisconsin fought for Individual rights not collective rights. They had the wisdom to know that the collective had more power then the individual and that it was the individual that needed protection. They had the wisdom to know that the collective could vote with their dollars and boycott any business that had rules that they did not approve of. The Peoples Republic of Madison has spit in the face of James Madison, he is rolling in his grave. It is funny these collectivist are claiming rights not guaranteed by the constitution, non smokers rights, health care rights, etc etc etc without constitutional amendments. I guess the collective trumps the Constitution, the constitution can be ignored as long as it is for the good of the collective. It begs the question, are we a society of individuals with the right to choose what risks we find acceptable or are we part of the collective only to be assimilated.

Ayn Rand 50 years ago.

Milton Friedman

Stripping individual rights.